Mediation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Should I Choose Mediation?

  • Less Expensive & Cost-Effective – It feels better to spend money on coming to an agreement than on fighting and litigating. Mediation is much less expensive than a full litigation process. The process is value-driven and focused on successful outcomes not on seemingly endless billable hours – value, not bills.
  • You can feel free to express your e– Sometimes the court processes can feel like your feelings do not matter. During the mediation process, you are free to feel. Not only do your feelings matter, but they are also respected. Mediation is not a therapy session, but for some, it does have a cathartic effect or offer a sense of closure.
  • Pet, Parents, and Kids…oh my! – Why put your children through a long legal battle? In mediation, we can focus on the intricate details specific to your family or situation. Do(es) your child(ren) have learning differences, disAbilities, mental health concerns, or medical issues? Do(es) your parent(s) live with you or are supported by you? Is your child going to college or in college? What about visitation, custody, and support? We can discuss all of this in mediation without dragging an elderly parent or a child through confrontational and divisive legal proceedings. YES, I work with families working to figure out the custody and care of pets.
  • Court or No Court – Court is always an option. You can try mediation. If either party finds that they are no longer willing to take part in mediation, then the mediation process will stop and both parties can decide on next steps. If you already started the court process, you may seek mediation and have the memorandum of understanding (agreement) approved by the judge.
  • Your Terms – Mediation allows participants to resolve the matter on their own terms. It can take as short or long of a time as they want. They can choose which matters are up for negotiation and when (guidelines may apply). 
  • Privacy – Court is very public and impersonal. Mediation allows couples to handle their very personal issues in a very private manner. All discussions are confidential (within legal limits).

We are a fixed income or are low-income. Do you offer special fees or arrangements?

  • You can apply for a reduced rate, no-interest payment arrangements, or other options. 
  • We will try our best to support your goals within your budget. While we know the value we offer; however, working to help ALL families come to a safe, respectful, and mutual resolution of issues is a impart part of our mission.

How many sessions do we need?

  • Session lengths and times vary. Some opt for a half or full day of mediation in hopes of coming to an agreement/understanding in one session. Others (Most) opt for the standard 90-minute to 2-hr sessions. The number of sessions depend on the goals agreed upon by the participants before mediation. It is important to know your budget in advance. I will try to help you meet your goal within your budget. 
  • Divorce mediation can take between three and ten 90-min sessions. 
  • Other forms of mediation (lawsuits, landlord/tenant, minor family disputes

Who does the mediator represent?

  • No one! 
  • I am not an attorney.
  • Mediators must remain neutral and cannot represent either party.

I thought a mediator must be an attorney. Is that true?

  • In Massachusetts and many other states, a mediator does not need to be an attorney. 
  • Non-attorney mediators cannot draft separation agreements, we can draft memorandums of understanding which are included in the final divorce process. Some clients hire an attorney to re-work the memorandum of understanding into a separation agreement. I also work with attorneys that can do this as part of your mediation package. If you would like to know more about the this, please call the office @ (978) 856-8730 or (908) 316-7670.  Email us at

Will you attend court with me/us?

  • No. As a mediator, I do not represent any party, and will not attend court. I am not an attorney. I am a neutral.

Is mediation right for all cases and divorces?

  • Unfortunately, it is not. There are some instances where mediation is not the best choice. When we meet, we will discuss whether mediation is the right fit for your situation.

Do you handle domestic abuse and violence situations?

  • Yes. Dr. Toni has a Ph.D. in criminal justice and criminology. She is specially trained and trains others in dealing with vary forms of domestic abuse and violence, including child, elder, and pet abuse. As a reminder, mediation is a great fit for most cases, not all. We can discuss that before the mediation process begins. All parties must be willing to take part in mediation. 

Do you handle same-sex relationships?

  • Yes, of course. We are open and welcoming. You will receive discretion and respect. 

We have a complicated financial situation. Are you equipped to handle a situation like ours?

  • Yes. Dr. Toni is a forensic analyst & forensic accountant with over 16 years of experience in various financial, tax, and business areas. Additional fees may apply.

What is we find mediation is not a good fit or we decide to stop for other reasons?

  • You are free to start and stop at any time. 
  • Some may choose to schedule sessions based on financial availability.
  • The initial phone screening is no-cost.  

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